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I went for an alignment & wheel balance. I had a coupon for $20 off alignment and $15 off wheel balance. With the discount included, the total price I was quoted was at about $91, so I thought it was a pretty nice deal. I agreed to this price and was told this would only take about 90 minutes. Hence, I decided I could wait by taking a stroll at a nearby strip mall.About 40 minutes later I get a call on my cell from the mechanic trying to pitch me to buy new rear tires. I tell him, "I know my tires are a bit worn but I am not in the financial position right now to get new tires". He tries a few ways to get me to replace them, I simply tell him, no thanks.

Another 30 minutes later I am called up again and told I need to replace the tie rod on the right tire, which would cost me an additional $200!!!. "It's just too old and rusty that we can't do the alignment if we do not replace it", the mechanic tells me. Ok, all I planned to spend money on today was to get a wheel balance & alignment. I am not in the financial position to get anything else done. I was ready to just tell them - "Stop. Just charge me what you've done so far and I'm outta here." .... Frustrated, I walk back to the shop and have them show me what exactly they doing.

The mechanic shows me the needed rod replacement. Still unhappy, but with my car tires already out, I feel compelled to just let them finish. So I waited a total of nearly 4 HOURS to get the alignment & balance done and tie rod replaced.

I was initially quoted $275 for the tie rod + labor. On top of that was the $91 for wheel balance & alignment. I felt screwed over & did not hesitate to show my dissatisfaction. My entire bill then was lowered to a total of $242. STILL it was a LOT more than what I initially planned to spend that day.

It's almost closing time by the time my car is done. I pay my due and drive away. ... ONLY to discover a few miles down the road that my car's alignment did not seem to have been aligned at all!!!! It still veered to the right as much as it did before!!!

I am not just dissatisfied. I am PISSED OFF at the utterly poor service this shop offers. Guaranteed I will NOT be a repeat customer and will advise everyone I know to avoid this shop at all costs. For a job that is so standard, their service is beyond dissatisfying!!!

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It was wrong for Tires Plus to make you wait more than expected; however, you can't make a car drive straight if there is something wrong with the steering/suspension and/or tires. If the tires are not round or is out of shape, the car may still pull even if the alignment is perfect and the balancing of the wheels was perfect.

Alignment is not the only thing about a car that causes a pull. Tire issues causing a pull is more common then alignment issues causing a pull. If one of your tires is leaking air, that will cause a pull.

Tires Plus was wrong to make you wait more than expected, but they were right about the need to correct the tire and steering/suspension issues in order to make the car go straight.

It's a wastse of money to do an alignment with a bad tie rod because you are going to have to pay for another alignment after you replace the bad tie rod. You are double paying. How about just buy the tire, put them in the rear and do the tie rod and alignment at a later time when you have the money.

to Rubin Luddy Mooresville, Indiana, United States #626004

Tie rod replacement includes the toe adjustment (uneven steering wheel). She would not have to pay double for that. But the alignment would not be correct on the other angles (camber and caster) with a bad tie rod.


^^^ Response to steve orl: My vehicle is a 94 Camry LE. I've had it for two years. Prior to that my brother had it so I am not sure when the last time it had been aligned.

The Tires Plus shop that I am talking about here is in Roseville, MN. Another 'funny' thing happened the second day I took it back for re-alignment. After re-doing the job, they FORGOT to put the hubcap back on one of my front tires!!!! Being in a rush I took drove my car out without realizing it. I went back a day later to get it -- the manager tells me he simply cannot find the hubcap. He also implied, "Perhaps it came off as I was driving it?" --- WTH?? .. How could that one hubcap come off and all the rest stay so well intact?? And lets say IF hypothetically it DID come off, whose fault would it be I wonder???

Not being able to find my hubcap, the manager tells me he will try to order another one for replacement.

*shakes head*


may i asked what kinda vehicle you drive and when was the last time you had it aligned.

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