Fort Knox, Kentucky

My car stopped on me I took it to the shop. It took 3hrs to diagnose the

problem. they said it was a fuel pump. Charged me a outrageous price. 855.00. Please if you need to get your car fixed. Donot go to the one on

Knox blvd, in Radcliff, Ky. The repair was done on a 2004 Pontiac Grand-Am.

This is the second time my car has needed repairing, the other time I took

it in for a oil change and they stated that i had a bad hose. That repair

cost me 488.00. I will never go back to that place again.

Sincerely PJP

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $856.

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I agree with Miss Piggy. No one forced you to agree to the repairs with this particular shop.

As a consumer, you have the choice to choose whichever shop you want and even to do it yourself if you like.

All the major chains charge around that much, more or less. Oh and gasoline is dangerous, so try not to burn down your house if you try to do it yourself.


That is a more than fair price for a diagnosis and fuel pumpwith installation. If you would of taken it to a dealer it would of cost you more.

Feel lucky you got your car running for that much. I donte have any affiliation with this company but expecting anything more from them (or any other mechanic) would be crazy.


Was anyone forcing you to agree to the repairs??? No. They fixed your stuff, it runs properly, but you complain about the price...Go learn how to do it all yourself maybe?!?!

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