On August 24, 2010 I went to your Tires Plus location at 10570 Excelsior Blvd, Hopkins, MN. to have a valve stem replaced on my tire. The quoted price was $214.27. I thought this was high so I chose not to have the replacement done. I hadn't had any problems with the tire as far as leaking. I drove back to work, approximately one mile from Tires Plus. When I went out to my car four hours later to go home, the tire was flat. I called Tires Plus and asked if someone could come and change the tire for me. I was told "NO". I was told I could have the vehicle towed to Tires Plus and they would change it, for a fee, plus I would have to pay the towing charge. The employee told me I probably picked up a nail on my way back to work. I told him it was a possibility but I highly doubted that was the case. He told me it was not Tires Plus responsibility, I was on my own. I did handle the situation myself.

I then took the tire to Discount Tire in Shakopee, MN. to have them fix the tire. They did not find any type of object in the tire. They did say the valve stem had been bent and was leaking. They replaced the valve stem (sensor included), put the tire back on the vehicle, stowed the spare back to it's proper place. They charged $75.00 for everything. The employees were very polite and courteous.

As you can see I made the right decision. Tires Plus was away out of line as far as pricing goes. Not only that, the person I spoke to on the phone was very rude. I did not pick up a nail on my way back to the office, I believe the stem was bent by an employee either taking the tire off or putting it back on. Someone at your company should take responsibility for this instead of trying to blame it on someone or something else. I am very disappointed in the service I received from your organization.

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Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208641

:roll I wonder about shops that sell Tires and do not have an alignment machine. I would imagine not working on a car and just retiring only.

(just selling tire service) would be beneficial to the fact that complaints would be minimal. I mean how can you screw that up?


Of course you know these scumbags are trying to scam you when they try to pry $220 out of you to replace a valve stem which is well under a $100 at most other shops. But most people don't know better They're incompetent crooks who can't fix jack squat and do damage to cars every day.

Don't use these clowns for anything ever again. They've got to be the most crooked chain outfit in the country right now. You absolutely made the right call by getting out of there the first time; you shouldn't have called them back though. You should have gone to Discount Tire from the get-go.

They are one of the very few quality big chain shops out there. Now you know.


Sounds like the original poster doesn't quite know what he/she is talking about...


I really hate to read things like that, it's bad when an associate of my chosen occupation behaves like that. truly you may have picked up a nail; but not likely.

I think I would have put a guy in a car and sent him to your location if I didn't do it myself. and Wow what was that tire sensor made of to cost like that. obviously a mark up error. I knew those things were trouble when they came out with them.

I yield to Discount tires on this one.

Good job you guy's. please try not to judge by one apple , remember "One bad Apple don't spoil the whole darn Batch!"


you and I both know that the sensor was not replaced. the valve stem with the crush washers maybe but for sure not the sensor.

Discount Tire isnt going to pay you to do that.

any sensor on any vehicle is more then $75.00 even the shops cost. get the facts right or dont spout

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