I went for an oil change for an 2002 honda accord the past Saturday (Mar 23, 2013) and was charged for 5.9 qts of oil. Per manufacturer's manual, normal oil change should be 4.5 qts, including oil filter.

Just FYI, I checked the manual and found that 5.9 qts is the full capacity of oil for the engine. But there're oil left in the engine for normal oil change.

Looks like they started this practice this year. I had no such issues with them last year.

I guess they just found new ways to make more profit.

(They charge the same price for up to 5 qts)

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Herndon, Virginia, United States #709297

I went to TiresPlus- Herndon. Met the manager I guess his names Gerson.

I was looking to get a oil Change for my 08 Honda Civic. I explain to him that I also wanted a rotation of my tires. That is when he said something in Spanish thinking I did not understand, for his Info I am Mexican. He told one of his employess "Esperate que se vaya este hijo de ***, Mama ***" which translates to wait for this some of *** to leave, this *** sucker.

I was upset I have many friends and family that stop by there. I tried calling corporate offices but was always put on hold when I told them I wanted to file a complaint. This ia not the first time Gerson does this. He also sales tires under water, I know this becuase I bought a set for my car not knowing.

I asked for the receipt and he said it will be on the system what happened??? He never gave me my receipt and not obly dis he rob me he also robbed TiresPlus.

BSRO Social
Villa Park, Illinois, United States #628303


My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Office. I have read through your concerns and wanted to see if I could help. According to our system you are correct about the 2002 Honda Accord not needing over 5qts of oil. However, many times our ivoices list out the complete specifications of a vehicle which does not mean the amount of oil added as recommended by Mitchell is over 5qts. If you could please email me at social@bfrc.com with your invoice number I would like to look in to this further as confirm where things may have gone wrong.



to BSRO Social #894331

The ONLY REASON this corporate POS is even replying to your complaint is to investigate for tire theft by the manager! This company is only concerned about the $$ They are possibly losing to theft from the store manager!

It is protocol to "RIP EVERYONE OFF (customers)" but NOT THE COMPANY!! I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CORRUPT ORGANIZATION AND ADVISE ALL PEOPLE TO BEWARE OF THEM!! Investigate " BRIDGESTONE/FIRESTONE CORPORATION" for their IN-HUMANE practices of working children overseas to profit their CORRUPT ORGANIZATION!!! EVERY STORE LOCATION in THE UNITED STATES was sent out memos to be aware of possible " PROTEST & PICKETING" of their front lawns because of their underhanded business practices over seas..



ANSWER: >>>>>>-------WE SHOULD NOT------<<<<<<

to Warren #894333

Here is a good read for ALL OF BRIDGESTONE/FIRESTONE customers >>


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