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My 94 suburban has been leaking oil and when i took it in asked them to check it. Came back with a quote for 950 in parts and labor to replace timing gasket cover and oil pan set and said they would need it for a whole day.

After asking around and doing some research have found they are overcharging $70 for one part and $45 for the other part but refuse to fix it if I get my own parts. Makes me wonder what else ive been overpaying on to get fixed...Have been getting my oil changed for 2 years here but I guess I need to find a new shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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Parts are extremely marked up at Tires Plus. The parts they get from the parts store are double the suggested retail price and usually marked up 200 to 500 percent.

Factory oem dealer parts are cheaper than what tires plus charges. I've worked at both.

I know these things. A discounted full brake job is more expensive than a full priced brake job at a dealership.


They have a right to mark up parts in order to pay overhead. They are also responsible for standing behind the parts they install. I guarantee that if some garbage part you bought from a box store or ebay failed, you'd be back here complaining on how they won't cover it under warranty.

Either install the parts yourself or ask the places that quoted you those low prices to install them.

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