I went into the lake street store for a oil change, with my coupon, and also a coupon for check engine lite on, asked for tire pressure to be checked, if it was they never told me, never topped off any other fluids. cause about two hours later low coolant, and low windshield washer fluid lites flashed a few times.

and on top of this, they pushed in my lower drivers front quarterpanel in at the bottom, so the drivers door rubbed when you tryed to open it, they did take that back in and pulled on door and panel so they didn't connect any longer, but paint now was flaked off of quarter panel. the managenger on duty that day was having a bad day, so he wasn't very nice to customers I doubt that I'll be returning to that store with such shady service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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My name is Tom and I am with the Tires Plus Corporate Office. I have read through your review and want to apologize for the unsatisfactory service your recieved. In regards to the fluid check, during a courtesy check proper procedure is to check fluids, fill tires to proper inflation, and top off washer fluid. We do not top off any fluids besides washer fluid but rather alert the customer if any are low. Any type of vehicle damage is taken very seriously, if you could please email me at social@bfrc.com with the store location and an invoice# or phone # I can get the right people involved to help.






Nikalseyn, Why not do it myself? Cause especially with free tire rotation and their survey $10 off coupon, it is cheaper than doing it myself!

8) geeze dudes! give him a break his money his time , not everyone wants to change thier own oil , thats why we have these services and he's right , fluid levels are part of the job, coupon or not. someone clipped his car door well, whos to say when and where?

nikalseyn. many people take their cars to tire dealers for alot of other services besides tires, ex.

wheel alignment, brake services, tune ups, oil changes.

Not everyone has the tools, equipment or the time to do these things themselves. So like Guz said, quit tooting your own horn!


nikalseyn, Not all people are as mechanically inclined as you are,I know my wife doesn't know what a valve stem is never mind change the oil.You pay for good service you should get good service. So stop patting yourself on the back.


Not sure why you would go to a tire store to have your oil changed. Also, unless you are crippled, you should be able to check fluids and tyre pressure yourself. And, you could do as I do---change the oil and filter yourself.

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