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Was not told the oil change would be 80.00 have been faithful customer for years, spent $$$$$ Was told that is what the car calls for. Well they said in the beginning!!

Not even offered a 10 or 20 p/c disc.

They lost a faithful customer. Also was told needed a rack and pinon steering on a different car 1900. Went back to the mechanic I bought it from and they said NOOO WAYYY

Beware of new older man, now I know why he got transferred out of different store, No customer skills. The world does NOT revolve around tires plus there are new shops opening up all over near them. Will try a new place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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FYI: many auto dealerships have a quick lube service now due to the manufacturer's offering two free oil changes when you buy a car. Once you use up the free oil changes, they hope you will bring your vehicles back and pay for the oil change.

Their fee to change oil, rotate tires, etc.

are very reasonable and the guys doing the work are all very good as opposed to some of the transients working in some of these other quick lube and other places. Just a thought.

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