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Today 11 July 2015, I visited a Tires Plus location in Lilburn, GA. I called before driving to the store to ask if the services I needed could be performed today prior to closing. The representative of the store explained, “Sure if you leave the vehicle with us because there is about a 2 hour wait.” I elected to use Tires Plus for my services and that is when the worst ordeal in customer service began. For my 2006 Lexus, I requested a tire rotation, wheel alignment, oil change, and brake inspection because I was worried my brakes were needing services based on the pulsating feeling I was experiencing when I applied the brakes. My fiancé and I dropped the vehicle off at approximately 1:00 PM. At 3:07 PM we received a call from Tire Plus and was told the brake inspection was completed and there is nothing wrong with your brakes, however, you do need 3 tires and we have an excellent deal on tires. I was given a quote in the range of $350.00. After the representative finished speaking, I replied, “I have an employee discount with Firestone and typically, I always buy my tires there because they give me a great deal with my discount.” The representative replied, “We deal with Firestone customers all the time and we are actually affiliated with them where we could offer you the same discount, however, my manager is the only one that can approve it, but I’m sure there won’t be a problem.” I said, if that is true, then you have my business, is he available?” “No,” he replied, “but let me get him to call you in about 10 minutes.” I agreed, and my waiting began. At approximately 4:18 PM, I called the store and a different representative answered. I explained the previous conversation and was told “ahhhhh, let me locate the manager, and paperwork. I’ll call you right back and get this taken care of!” At 4:43 PM (17 Minutes before the store closes) the representative that I spoke to called back. He said, “Okay Sir, I have located your paperwork, you need front brake pads, rear pads, and rear rotors ……. Oh, and we have a great deal on those 3 tires you need!” I said “WHAT ……… the first guy I spoke to said I didn’t need brakes, just tires, and I am STILL waiting to speak to your manager to see if he can honor my Firestone Discount. Wait, I will just drive back up there cause you guys are about to close, right?” He replied, “If we get your business, we will stay late to complete your services.”

I drove to the store, asked to speak to the manager and within minutes, he appeared. “Hello Sir,” he said, “how are you?” I replied, “Sir, I am actually irate and confused. I explained everything that had transpired thus far and asked if he could honor my discount so we can get this ordeal completed.” He replied, “Do you work for Firestone?” I replied, “No, my brother does, thus I use the family employee discount. If you look up my phone number, you will see this in the system if you are connected to Firestone.” He replied, “Who’s car is this …..?” I replied, “My fiancé.” He replied, “Does she work for Firestone?” I replied, “No, my brother works for Bridgestone in the Nashville area. The notes are in the system.” He replied, “So you don’t work for Firestone?” I replied, “No, my brother does ….. is there a problem?” He replied, “What’s your brother’s name?” I told him, at which he replied, “Sorry, I can’t honor the discount!” I said, “Fine, did you at least complete the oil change?” He said, “Yes.” I replied, “Just charge me for an oil change and I will take my business elsewhere!” He spun around and went back to the work area. Through the glass, I watched him put the tires back on the passenger side of the vehicle. Within a few minutes, he returned, we exchanged unpleasant words, and he closed out my account. I told him he was rude and unaccommodating. I asked for his District Managers’ contact information and express how I would write a letter defining my dissatisfaction with how today’s exchange of customer service didn’t meet with the standards of how our previous visits have been.

When I arrived home, while waiting to pull into my driveway, the 2 tires that Valery (Val) Kryvapuskau (the Store Manager) put back on the car on the passenger side both went completely flat! I tried desperately to use a portable air pump to re-inflate the tires, but to no avail. I called the store and explained exactly what happened and said I’m sure is a coincidence the manager placed both of those tires back on the car, and they both now are FLAT! I asked for the manager to express my distaste of what I think transpired but was told he had left for the day. I was told to call back the next day, and the store would send a tow truck to pick up my car the next day, Sunday. I then called the District Manager, left a message on what appeared to be a cell phone number. I then took pictures of the 2 flat tires, and text’d the photos to the District Manager Octavious Smith with my name, my fiancés name, and the caption, please listen to your messages for an explanation. At this point I am beside myself with anger and my only recourse of action is to contact the company’s headquarters to request how to proceed in this matter. I must mention, the only reason we frequented this store today is my fiancé has a Tires Plus charge account and said she has always been treated well. This may be an isolated incident by a rough manager, but I sure hope this sheds some light on his treatment of customers.

Hurchel Williams, MBA, PHR

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor service.

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Hello Hurchel,

We are sorry to hear about the issues you had with communication, and issues after service was done on your fiance's vehicle at our Lilburn, GA location. We would like to look into this matter further if you could please email us at with further details, invoice number (if available) and best contact information you can be reached at it would be greatly appreciated.

We value your feedback and business as a Tires Plus customer. We hope to hear back from you soon and hope you have a great day!

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