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I took my Mazda in for a oil change. They got it done in what seemed like a normal amount of time.

I payed my bill and got in my car to leave. I pulled onto the road and as I accelerated down the road a thick cloud of white smoke was growing. It was so bad I couldn't see anything behind me and became worried that cars behind me couldn't see and might crash. I turned around went back to the store.

My check engine light began to flash. As I pulled in, it must have been clear why I was back in 10 seconds. The manager looked worried and they took my car right back in. A few minutes went by and I walked into the bay.

I could see oil dripping out of my tailpipe and when I walked up to the engine I could see oil dripping out of my air filter. I heard a mechanic in the background laughing and overheard him say "He probably put 18 quarts in."

Their solution was to drain the oil to the correct level and drive it up and down the street until the smoking stopped. They admitted their fault and gave me a free oil change. A few days later my check engine light was back on.

They can keep the free oil change. I will take it to someone who can count above five.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Please send me an email at so I can get some additional information about what happened. I'd like to get involved and try to help.




I hope your catalytic converter is not ruined. They should have performed a 3-step fuel induction cleaning on your vehicle.

If your catalytic converter is ruined, you should demand that they replace it for free. If they won't, then take them to court.

Your check engine light flashing means that your engine is experiencing a severe misfire. Engine oil got sucked up into the air intake, then made it's way into the combustion cylinders where it fouled up the spark plugs, causing the misfires.

There are 2 likely reasons why your check engine light came back on a week later.

1) Your catalytic converter is ruined as indicated by OBDII code P0420.

2) Residual oil in the air intake made it's way into the combustion cylinders and fouled up the spark plugs again.

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