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I took my 2000 Infiniti I30 to Tires Plus in Annandale, VA for an alignment per lifetime alignment purchase of $150.00. I had made an appointment a week prior for 10AM on 11/6/10.

They told me it would be ready at 12N. When I came back my car was still where I parked it. After 30 minutes on the alignment rack, they gave me my car. After 3 hours at Tires Plus, I took my car to Merchants Tires on Duke Street in Alexandria, VA for wheel balancing.

Merchants did an free alignment check. They told me that my car was seriously out of alignment. They told me to return it to Tires Plus.

Now I don't know if I EVER really had my car aligned from them.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I purchased the lifetime alignment from tires plus. Every time I have taken it in to get aligned, they refuse to do it unless I pay them to do unnecessary work.

On my last attempt, they quoted me $1200 in repairs that were required before they would consider doing the alignment I paid for.

I took the vehicle to a local shop who found nothing wrong and aligned it for $50. BTW, my car is not even worth $1200.


I once bought a 3-year alignment plan with TIre Plus. After my first alignment, the car was still pulling to the left so i took it back for them to check again.

I had to wait for almost 4 hours before they attended to my car.

That was the Alexandria VA branch.

Those guys are the worst scams i can i ever think of.


I wouldn't trust Merchant's either they are aven a BIGGER scam.


Can't do alignments correctly. Can't even balance tires right.

Can't replace valve stems correctly. Screws up routine repairs on a daily basis. You'd think a place with "Tires" in its name could do these basic things!! But NO!

And I'm not even mentioning all the scams they've been pulling for years. "Lifetime" packages (they're always a scam), not even doing the "repairs" they charge customers for and doing unnecessary work when your car doesn't need it. Taking your car to these thieves is a huge risk. Don't do it.

It'll cost you hundreds (or thousands) that you could really use. Not to mention your car could be ruined.

Tires Plus has got to be the most crooked bunch of scammers out there right now. How they stay in business.......

Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208728
Whoa! another one,whats going on out there, question caliberation issues,on both sites need to bring the manufacturer of these fine machines (alignment) into the picture and hold someone accountable , shake that tree and see what falls out, most likely a Mechanic is gonna look *** again.

but reality is well trained mechanics with confidence in their abilities would bring an inaccurate machine to the attention of his superiors. Now that we have S.A.S.(steering angle sensors) T.C.S.(traction control systems),L.D.W.(Lane Departure Warnings)and S.C.S. (stability control systems) a properly caliberated alignment machine is imperative .

imagine if you would, a suprise in traffic as you make a serious evasive manuver, and the vehicle you just had aligned stripping the steeringwheel from your control and slamming you into the object you intended to miss.after the crash who's to say if it was caliberated or not , it's all smashed up now. :(

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