took car to tires pluss for a lifetime alinement,but they done do it to spec's had them check my honda, it was out of spec by a long way,and I was told there is nothing that can be done, there is no adjustments.so I took it home and did it my self, hmm about a 1/2" slot on the rear control arm, yup adjustable, so I did it. a year or so lator I took my daughters prious to them and paid 168 for a lifetime alinement, but it isant to spec's either.oh it would need some $200.+ links to adjust it.hmm this car dont have links,then it would need shims to aline it to specs.

just think a alinememt shop with out shims and not knowing how to do it properly or just not wanting to take the time to do it. I was told it,s only out of spec a little,I just dont understand.Ive been the automotive&marine service industry for 30+years and yes tech school too, done plenty of front end work&alinements.the next day after contacting the head office's they decided to refund my money ,and said that the sailsman should of done that at the store.

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