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My husband and I bought 4 new tires from Tires Plus in Augusta GA and paid for an overdue oil change as well. When we drove our truck home hours later, my husband checked the oil and it was very clear that they simply poured oil over our old dirty oil but had not actually changed any of it.

When my husband called, the manager gave him attitude and denied that this happened.

We took the truck back the next day and asked for the Oil Change that was due the day prior. It took them 2 hours to complete this Oil change.

They were dishonest and lazy and I will never give them my business again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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It's amazing that there are people who go 15,000 miles without an oil change and expect the dipstick to show clean oil after the first proper oil change in 15,000 miles.

In cases like these, the dipstick probably won't show clean oil until the next couple oil changes at 3,000 mile intervals.

The point is, you have to change your oil at the proper intervals to expect a clean dipstick after and an oil change.

The best way to see if an oil change was done is either watch them do it or mark the oil filter and see if they replace the oil filter. Or specifically request an oil filter of a different brand then you already have.


if you get your oil changed there will not be dirty looking oil on the dipstick it will be a yellowish brown and not black


Tires Plus does not flush your engine on any of there oil changes. as stated by the other 3, You will not get every drop oil old oil out. Also, you stated that your oil change was over due, meaning you probably dont keep up on your maintenance very well.


What a retard. I can't believe someone actually put that complaint up here. The manager was probably rude because your the 3rd retard that came in his store and complained because common sense wasn't part of your upbringing.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #75447

first of all charging you for an oil change service and not doing it is not worth it. not doing 15 minutes worth of work while charging a customer for something not done is not worth being busted for.

second of all you cannot just add new oil over your old oil (unless your oil was low to begin with; but i bet you check your oil religiously) without draining some oil out. you would at that point overfull and then you would really have something to *** about. its people like you that made people like me get out of auto retail service. tires plus is a good company and over great customer service.

you are an ***.

i bet you didn't buy an alignment either. i hope your tires wear out.

Hahahah now, now Mike, that's not nice!
Mike's right, though. When you get an oil change, unless you're flushing the engine, the NEW oil will still appear old and dirty.
Ask yourself some investigative questions here...

1) Was the oil filter new the first time?
If it was - Your oil was changed. Removing the oil filter spills the oil out, thus requiring engine oil replacement. :P

2)Did they reccomend anything else to you before you left? Preventative maintenance? If so, chances are they did the oil change. :P

3)Was this place a corporate store?
If so, your oil was changed... A Corporate store is less likely to ***. My opinion, you're a retard and should switch to a Scooter or Skate Board :)

you do realize if you dont have your oil system cleaned that the oil will look old due to residue. they probably did change your oil but you probably opted for the cheap service because you are cheap and therefore think you got screwed when you didnt

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