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Two days ago I brought my vehicle to Tires Plus in Pembroke Pines, FL because the radiator was leaking coolant. The salesman was informed, by me, that the radiator had just been replaced. I thought I was narrowing his search, especially since anti-freeze was visible in that area. Two hours later I received a phone call from Mark stating that I need a new head gasket, timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump, and thermostat. The grand total.....$1300.00. Firstly, it was a slow radiator leak which never caused the car to overheat, I didn't blow the head cover gasket! Second, all belts had been replaced six months prior by a different mechanic, including the timing belt. The mechanic would obviously change that gasket at that point, which he did. When I arrived to pick-up the car he walked away and someone else handed me my keys. I suppose I wouldn't want to explain these results either!

Since the car was drivable, I took it to the mechanic that worked on the car in the past. After a couple hours he pointed out a pin hole at the bottom of the radiator. I paid about $210 to resolve this situation, and was refunded $150 for the defective radiator. Be very careful when dealing with Tires Plus; they're ***-artist and will put you in a hole to make a buck. That was my first and last time there.

If my car broke down in the Tires Plus parking lot, I wouldn't let them work on it!! *** liars...

You know, I never found out what Tires Plus thought about that radiator leak.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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There is a difference between the valve cover gasket and the head gasket.

I don't know that a mechanic would obviously replace a valve cover gasket with a timing belt job unless he recommends it and you okay the price. You are supposed to replace the valve cover gasket anytime time you remove the valve cover, but in practice, that is not always done, so I wouldn't take it for granted that he did, unless so recommended it and you okayed the price.


Al, I wonder why people go to these sites just to criticize the decisions of others and correct grammar. I went to Tire Plus because of its location to my home and the time restraints I had at that moment.

Also, if you do a little research you will see that they advertise for many other services besides tires, including radiators and radiator installation. Would you expect me to drive around and find a little shop that only does radiators?

Not very practical is it.. :p


Tires Plus - hmmmm. One would think that they sell TIRES and are not the first choice to come to mind when having other work done.

Why didn't you just go to your own mech in the first place?? :?

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