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took our 2007 sub for the third time for squeek in rear brakes that started after the Janesville store replaced pads and rioters.They called us to say this time a plunger in the caliper was frozen and had damaged all the previous work. "Freid the system", was the exact term.The good news, they would cover the cost of the pads and rotors but the calipers would need to be replaced on both rear wheels and the cost would be $530.00.

I told them to button it up and do not preform work.I picked up my car and drove it straight to Farm and Fleet who inspected the system.They called us in 20 min.

to say the squeaky was a bent emergency brake on on a rear wheel. The rest of the system looked great.They repaid it for $ 38.00 and the squeak is gone.I returned to Tires Plus presented them with Farm & Fleet's bill.He returned my $ 38.00 and said "must of been misdiagnosed !

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Not to worry anymore, Tires Plus in Janesville changed hands this weekend. they were putting up new signage today!

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