Several issues my family and I have had with Tire Plus!

* Overfilled oil after a change!

* Had my front brakes done there - well 6 months later same problem came back. Went back because they were under warranty and asked them what the deal was. They stated it was the back brakes now. I had another professional check them and they said it was definitely the fronts, not the back. Went back and made them fix the front again for free problem was gone. Had them rotate and balance tires too...big MISTAKE! Major shake on my steering wheel.

* Went back and they TRIED to balance again - the car shook so much I spent 4 hours waiting for them to fix the shake - the manager finally said we are sorry try Discount Tires or maybe I need new tires! REALLY????

I went to a locate place for a balance....car is finally fixed!!

* My brother took his car in for a noise on the power locks that was clicking inside the car. He returned to pick the car up and they replaced all his brakes and bearings.....the noise was still there. They thought the noise was outside the car! $900 charge!


Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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Balancing alone will not always fix a vibration problem if the rim is bent or the tire is not round.

Many times rims are bent and are placed in the right rear for a reason. Then you go and rotate the tires and guess what happens? You will feel the vibration more because it's closer to the driver seat and now the steering wheel shimmys.

Even if Tires Plus balanced the all the wheels correctly, if the rim is bent or the tire is not round you will feel a vibration and you didn't notice it before because the tire that was not round was in the rear.

You can blame Tires Plus for the brake noise, but as far as the vibration, there is a possibility that they are not at fault and they may be right to try to sell you a tire to replace the tire that is not round. You can see that a tire is not round or wobbling when it's spinning on the tire balancing machine. Sometimes you can see a tire is not round simply by rolling it on the floor. Simply you can see it's not round just by looking at it because there are obvious cupping or flat spots.

Now on a different topic, concerning the commenter's (notelgnip's) wheel bearing, a wheel bearing doesn't have to have play to be bad. I've seen many cases where a wheel bearing is making tremendous grinding and growling noises and there's absolutely no play when you try to shake the tire when the car's in the air. A diagnosis like this is tough to make.

Sounds like they need a visit from some investigative journalists, like 20/20 or 60 Minutes. :(

I went to Tires plus for a simple Missouri inspection. The tech failed the vehicle because of a bad wheel bearing in the passanger front wheel.

I ask to see the problem and when the tech tried to show me that the bearing had play in it(with all his might) I could not see or feel any movement in the wheel at all! The tech still insisted that the bearing was bad and needed replaced. I complained to the shop manager and he said to me that his tech knows what he is talking about and the repairs would have to be done for the vehicle to pass inspection.

Its the same old mechanic rip off scam of finding something wrong with the vehicle so they can make more revenue and commissions even when there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. Tires Plus is a ripoff company.

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