i worked for them for 5 years. they overwork and underpay the tire and oil change guys but the mechanics and sales guys and other big shots sit on there *** and make all the big money.

they once wrote me up cause i went home an hour after my scheduled time instead of staying later after i already stayed late 2 hours a day every other day that week they try to sell things the customer really doesnt need and wont back off even after the customer tells them they cant do the work cause they dont have the money.

i once saw a store manager threaten to call the cops on a customer because he didnt have money to fix his car and and it was supposedly unsafe to drive. dont buy from tires plus

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

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Ramsey, Minnesota, United States #892943

Is it possible you sucked. I am one of those mechanics and trust me I ain't making bank.

If a customer has a sever safety concern that puts every one at risk. Do you want some a hole in a four thousand pound car that is not safe next to you doing sixty mph ? What about your wife and kids?

I bet if you or your family got hurt and we didn't stop them you'd blame tires plus too...... Your a bad person.


Poor and sad this uneducated fool is.


another happy ex-employee of this fine company.

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