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I've been using Tires Plus for at least 14 years and never seemed to have any problems although friends always wondered why I used Tires Plus. In GA I had a good relationship with the managers and trusted them.

Here in WI I'm not so sure. I know their service is overpriced but so far it's been good. I took my Dodge Dakota in today to have the right inner and outer tie rods replaced. I got a call later telling me they couldn't just replace the inner tie rod, they would have to replace the whole rack and pinion assembly.

Of course for a mere $260 more.

I'm not a mechanic but I seriously wonder about that. Plus it's taking them three times as long as they said to do the repairs.

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Had a rubbing noise from the front of my wife's 2005 Taurus. Took it to Tires Plus (where I bought the tires 15,000 miles ago) and they claimed all four tires had flat spots and surprise-surprise I needed new tires.

Took it to another shop and they found the front left wheel hub/bearing was bad.

Replaced the hub and the front end is now great. It's simple, JUST BUY TIRES FROM TIRES PLUS, no service please.

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