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I have been a Technician in Reno for over 35 years. What do I know?

I have been employed at dealerships, independent family owned Auto repair shops, big franchise Hertz rental shops , Greyhound bus shops,and armed forces Aircraft maintenance. My certifications that have expired over qualify me. My current certifications keep me employed. What I experienced at work yesterday completely disappointed me to an all new level of disgust.

A Veteran sporting the License plate of a United States Veteran came into our shop and claimed that his crankcase was overfilled by our lube techs and caused his Vehicle to turn on the check Engine light. Agreed , this is absolutely possible, I am in no way contesting this possibility . However when the vehicle is a 14 year old 150K mile Audi A6 with a v8 engine special equiped go Fast handle precise Top German engineering that has been driven Hard without Maintenance and is bleeding fluids from every gasket , container ,and reservoir, I have to Gasp and look to the Heavens for resolve. the codes that illuminated the light were for Secondary air injection and opposing o2 sensors upstream one downstream 2.

Vacuum hoses and plastic air pipes were destroyed by acidic remains of coolant that had never been flushed. I had to put 4 hours of my standard work time to repair this vehicle just to get it out of the stall, without turning on the Engine light. I was removed from good honest customers vehicles to satisfy this embarrassment of an Americans Vehicle that would not rationalize that he had abused and neglected his vehicle so bad that it would be a miracle if it makes it another year without completely "Conking out". I would take this opportunity to apologize to the customers that this fool made late and destroyed their expectations of receiving their vehicles on time .

and the loss of any wages I may have earned on a legitimate repair in the tight confines of our weekly flat rate scale.This event raises the question, Has Our economy diminished so badly that Our Veterans have to resort to Fraud to get their import cars repaired? please think about the ripple effects getting what you want may have at home.

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My name is Tom and I am from the Tires Plus Corporate Offices. I have read through your concerns and would like to see if I can help. If you are having any specific issues with the store location you are at our management please feel free to contact us at or contact our employee action line at: 800-750-4975.

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