My girlfriend went in for an oil change and they told her eher car needed 1,400 worth of work for a head gasket replacement, and they proceeded to tell her that once they had a head gasket go out in the middle of the night in a remote area and they were left stranded. I am a mechanic and there is nothing wrong with her vehicle.

I was unable to do the oil change because i was out of town. These people should be ashamed of themselves. In addition to that they told her that the wheel bearings were loose and her tire was about to fall off. Umm wheel bearings dont get loose the wear from friction yes and they can wear out but they don't get loose, again i am a mechanic.

I am so pissed at this place, bunch of croooooooooks,. never go there never never never never.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Wheel bearings DO get loose. If loose enough, it can fail state safety inspection (in states that have safety inspections). The fact that this "mechanic" doesn't know this makes me question whether he knows how to diagnose a leaking head gasket properly.


yes wheel brngs do get loose....thank god someone else pointed that one out....wheel brngs are just like any other wearable item on your vehicle,yes they wear from friction, an etc...


I now whut u mean them fools caint fix nutin


Tires Plus East Side Madison Wisconsin. These guys are terrible with customer service.

I went there to get my daughters car fixed. It needed an alignment plus i had them do there free total inspection because the brakes were a little soft. After the inspection they told me the front brakes were ok ,but the rear brakes were completely shot ,i needed rotors,calipers and pads,so i had them replace them The alignment and rear brakes came to $704.00. Waited for the car from 9am till 1pm .

After a week of driving my daughter told me the alignment was off it pulled hard to the left and the front end would shake when the speed got to 50 miles per hour.Plus she barely had brakes. So i took it back,while i was there they told me it was my front brakes ,that was causing the problem ,the ones that were ok a week prior to this, Plus it had brand new tires on it i had bought at Weber Tire In Bristol Wisconsin which were placed on the vehicle one day prior to the alignment.Mounted and balanced by Weber Tire. They tried to tell me the tires weren't new and the balance was off by 1 oz on each tire and they had to rebalance each one. I watched them check the tires and there was only one tire that they added any weight to.During the return to Tires plus with my daughters car i waited 3.5 hours as they decided what they should do to fix the problem.

It wasn't until i told them i wasn't going to spend another 704 dollars that they finally decided to correct there errors at there cost. Which may or may not of been on the up and up. I also had work done on my wife's car 300+ dollars to have a thermostat replaced,and 90 of that was to inspect the struts. The struts were ok but because they hadn't been replaced at 50,000 it was suggested i return when they got the struts in to have the front ones replaced.

When i was resolving the problem with my daughters car they told me the struts were in ,i should be there at 7am the next morning to assure they could get right at it.I showed up at 6:45 and they opened at 7 and they told me it would be a couple hours because the struts weren't in they had to wait for napa auto parts to open,so i concealed and left. finally got fed up with the lies and excuses.

While i was spending time there i noticed there were numerous people returning to have the repairs re-done because they weren't satisfied with there auto repairs. One woman waited hours for her car and it had been done sitting outside and no one told her.When she went to pay they forgot to align it,and asked if she wanted to wait longer Total disrespect for there customers

This place in Madison Wisconsin needs help they are terrible with there customers ,i won't be returning.


Your a *** if you think wheel bearings cant be loose...get a bad wheel bearing, and shake the tire up and down...it will have play...

thats called wheel bearing looseness, just because you fail at being a Tech, dont take it out on people that work hard to make a living.


Thank you for taking the time to share this experience with us. Can you email us at social@bfrc.com with the store address so that we can follow-up?

Thanks for the opportunity to check into this.

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