I went to my local Tires plus for a quote on front end alignment.(Mandarin)

San Jose Blvd. I told the service manager that i needed shims behind my control arms, he told me to find them because he had no idea where to get them. I went to our local Napa store and he asked how many i needed, they

are a stock item. What kind of store managers are hired at Tires Plus.

I WILL NEVER GO OR SEND ANYONE TO THEM.I have a 1992 Astro Van, but the fact that he told me to get the shims myself is just ignorance on his part. I hope the corporate office reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:x I can't believe this!no shims ? I thought our store was tight about buying supplies.

hey Mike If it's not your store ....

maybe ... uhummm!

When you expect service to be rendered by some one that wants to rip u off thats what u get. That store has had too many service managers(?), none of which understand service. God help new manager...


I am Mike O'Barr and I have just been installed as the new store manager of the north mandarin location. I am appalled to read this report.

I would love an opportunity to apologize in person on behalf of our company. If you would be so kind as to call me at the store (904) 731-7076 I would appreciate it immensely.

You were not specific as to which location you visited (we have two in mandarin) but I would love to earn your business regardless. Thank you

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #198507

now that manager is an ***, if he has a hunter, coats or any other major brand alignment equipment various shims come in a kit with alignment tools.

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