98 Dodge stratus, drums shoes and wheel cyclinders from autozone, $90.00. Tires plus charged me $100 for each drum, that right there and I couldn't see straight anymore.

Then they handed me the bill for $590.00, are you kidding me. This is why I work on my own car. I was attanding some training in Oklahoma City and one of the brake shoes came apart. I could have done the whole job, very simple job, in an hour or so.

So why did they screw me so bad? Never again>:| I feel sorry for people that have to depend on these rippoff repair shops.

I'm still pissed. The dam car is only worth $800.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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You didn't have to agree to let them do the work. This is a free market economy.

You are free to shop around.

You screwed yourself by not doing your homework and shopping around.


AGREED to all of the educated coments, that is a fair price and mark up . this gentleman needs to realize he is paying for warranty, heat, health insurence, lawn maintinence, salaries.

and the steak comment is a great one, goodluck going to the red lobster and screaming at the poor waitress doing a good job because her steak price is more that wall mart.

whatever business that guy is in will FAIL if he is so adiment on companies making ZERO profit. thanks to the great comments..........p.s the average COST of operations until a store even begins to profit is 60,000 a month in this industry

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #73576

$590.00 thats all you paid? I would have charged you more just for letting the brakes get that bad.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #73572

You probably drove it until brakes got metal to metal. I love people that drive *** until brakes grind then complain about price of repair. You make the world go round.


Keep in mind The brake Work has A limited life time warranty, and with over 1200 locations nationwide including Firestone, If you have any problems out of your brakes you can have it looked at and fixed for free. You are buying more than just brakes, you get a little peace of mind.

Don't for get overhead, employees, tools, training that goes into your professional job.


This is just another example of what is wrong with people. You want your car fixed you agree to the price and then complain when you go to pick it up.Next time you go out to eat make sure you tell the manager you can buy that steak for $4.00 at the store and could of cooked it your self,total cost $4.50.How on earth can they charge $30.00.


this guy should have fixed it himself if he could. I priced these drums at our local autozone and they were $97.

People should realise that a fair mark up is essential to staying in buisness. If we sold for the price we pay we would all be out of buisness

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