Temple, Georgia

I see a trend in the complaints. I bought tires at the Gwinnett, Georgia store. I was quoted one price and when the work was finished the price went up (no product or work change). When I arrived I was then asked to give an immediate deposit so that they could go get the tires. No inventory may mean they are financially unstable.

I also experienced the advice that additional work was needed (rather costly work) only to find by second opinion that it was not needed.

This is not a business you can trust or rely on at all.

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Changing prices is bad.


sounds like youre a sicko and common scense (who obviously can't spell) are employees of tires plus.

They have been parading this forum just harrasing people's complaints and making fun of them.

They probably come on here and livid because there precious business is ***! go screw yourselves tires plus.


youre the type of person who likes it when someone takes a dump on their chest and spits in their face. whats unstable is your mental condition, Cletus.


#1 . consider the fact they may not have had your size in stock due to selling out or it being odd, and before they are to special order yours theyd like a commitment so they are not STIFFED. "common sense"

# 2. you should make sure that those repairs suggested were not "preventitive maintnence, and simply a suggestion" your secont opinion probly just told you that your repairs were not NEEDED, both places could be right.

#3. rather than being a tough guy on your computer why dont you go talk to them in person and actually confront them rather than make aqusations. just another one of the many problems with our modern technology, like these fourms.

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