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Purchased tires at this store. Went in for a rotate and balance and was told I had a nail in my tire(which I suspected) in a "non repairable area".

Was given the hard sell for a new $300 dollar tire. Salesman said he could "go to another store and get it and be back in an hour and asked me what would it take to do this today?" Long story short. I went to a local tire company in business for 50 years and got it fixed for $15.

I feel they were trying to use fear of tire failure to get me to buy a new tire rather than repair it. I will never use them again for anything!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #768959
I am an Employee, there are standards that are strictly enforced to the tune of Termination for a first offense, if a Tire is repaired outside of those standards. so maybe another tire store is willing to risk it , but some people see it as a small infraction but a job is a job, and working under a J.P.Morgan payroll is not worth losing over a fraction of an inch.

if the repair even came close to violating a repair standard you are directed to put it in the hands of the Manager.

would you put a bonus , high salary, retirement plan on a 16th of an inch? :?

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