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ALERT**** DANGER**** ALERT**** We just barely survived. thank God

DO NOT take your car to tire plus... Their mistakes could KILL YOU....


I said to the gentleman at the counter, "My family and I are going on vacation, can you check the car before we leave". It took a little convincing but i finally said yes to just south of a $900 worth of repairs" on our Honda Odyssey.

I know !!! it was a lot of money but my whole family was going to be in that car for three days worth of driving,... plus he was very convincing.

We picked up the car that evening. The next morning myself and the kids packed the van with luggage and snacks heading to Grandma's 70th birthday.....

Then things went bad real quick...

"OMG*** OMG*** OMG*** .... GOD please save us my son prayed.." My wife dug her fingers into my skin, scared for her life....

It was less than 60 miles out of town when Me, my wife and our three young boys were RUNNING - RUNNING -RUNNING for our lives on the expressway.

My middle son started crying and praying when the other car's brakes started SCREECHING and swerving towards us at 80 miles an hour.

Cars were doing everything they could trying to avoid hitting us as we suddenly ran out of power on the expressway. I frantically pressed on the gas, but noting. BANG_BANG_BANG I am slamming on the gas .. but noting ... we could hear more screeching coming in the distance.. my kids too scared to look anymore.

"Please God, please, not here, not here... i mumbled to myself so as not to scare the kids any further.

My wife and boys literally climbed over the railing to safety even though there was a deep creek behind us. It was far safer than cars and trucks zooming by at such force that it shock our Honda Odyssey, scaring all of us.

My Family and I are just LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.....

After hours HUDDLED TOGETHER on the side of the expressway our insurance company came to the rescue with a tow truck.

All five of us stuffed ourselves in the front seat of the tow truck. Picture, a whole family of 5 stuffed into the front seat of a pick-up because the tow truck driver also agreed it was too unsafe to leave any of us behind.

Now, would you believe that the same repair that tire plus services talked me into is why we were stranded? Thats right. The several hundred dollars worth of repairs was faulty.


We had to rent a car on the fourth of july holiday weekend to the tune of $1200+, round trip . We had to leave things behind in the van. We couldn't get a big enough vehicle so my children had to drive with luggage on their laps for the trip.

The best news is.... They admitted to the mistake... Apologized feverishly... said and i quote "go get a rental and we will stand behind our work...". So we did and went on vacation.

Got home and now they REFUSE TO PAY. after they apologized, admitted the mistakes... Now after enough time has passed they REFUSE TO PAY.

Don't go to Tire plus it won't just cost you a lot of money due to their shoddy work... THEY MAY ALSO REFUSE TO PAY... like they have with me,..

Even if you and your whole family were put in a DANGEROUS situation and left stranded huddled on the side of the road.

AND NOT PAY... ***** OUCH ****OUCH ****OUCH.... oh well they are the big bad comany ..what can we do? we are just consumers. They did fix the van eventually but won't pay for the rental. WOW...

I spoke to Area Mngr. Jim Sherlock about getting paid.. do you know what he said... "well I don't have your paperwork...". Then it was "I am driving right now so can we talk later.." Well, you guessed it . We haven't spoke yet despite me calling back to get more information today.

So don't listen to them if they tell you to go rent a car , that they will stand behind their work. It is a bad promise on top of a bad repair job. OH WELL. ... What can we do...? We are just regular people , not attorneys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Milton, Florida, United States #1223914

So, what was wrong with the van? Very descriptive without any pertinent details.

Sparks, Nevada, United States #1223442

Hm? Lot of panic , and put downs , but no real tangible evidence here.

You didn't decline something important before the trip did you? where is the Bill for this , did you purchase tires? because$800 could be most of the bill. and the actual fault lies in your declining the required repair.

and how convenient, there is no paperwork for the Manager. did you expect them to admit all the guilt . Proof! the LAW requires Proof !

SO I gather your vehicle stalled on the highway. and something Tiresplus did made that happen . it's still kind of foggy , because Honda built that outrage of a vehicle, and your not Mad at them. You drove that vehicle long enough that it started Conking out , and went to One service provider , I assume declined a costly estimate of a repair , selected a less expensive repair , and Now are prepared to point the blame at the last guy that touched it.

By all means accept no responsibility of your own , and take no action against the builder of these fine quality cram mobiles. I say cram because you have taken a family on a vacation in the smallest vehicle you could afford , I'm guessing you overloaded it , went mountain climbing, then long distance driving , and have a problem when your poor little "borough" lays down and dies.

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Please email us at so that we can further assist. We value your business and thank you for your feedback.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1200308

And no explanation of what went wrong, just a nasty smear job

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