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I took my vehicle to Tires Plus (5289 Minola Dr Lithoina, Ga 30038)

On Tues. 3 Jan. 2012 at 6:23 p.m. There was smoke coming from under the hood of my truck and it had an awful smell. So, I pulled into Tires Plus to get it checked. The young man at the counter pulled it into the garage and popped the hood. He came inside to inform me that my water pump was leaking. He had another gentleman lift the truck using some machine so that I could see for myself. Once the truck was lifted, he pointed to a spot I'm assuming was the water pump and said this is where your leak is coming from. All I saw was, fluids draining from my truck. They would not et me drive the truck around the corner to park it. They insisted on me leaving it there so they can work on it. I was given a price of $482.34 to fix it. I was unable to pay that amount so, I went and purchased a water pump and asked them if they could install it for me. I was told that it was against their policy to use parts that customers brought into the shop. It had to come directly from the dealership. On Wed, I went and picked up my truck and took it to another auto shop that wasn't going to charge as much. Before working on my vehicle, they did a pressure test. After having the pressure test done we saw that the leak was actually coming from a hose that had a hole in it! It was never the water pump! After finding out was really going on with my truck, I called Tires Plus and I was told that since the hose was NEAR the water pump, that's the reason why they told me it was leaking. Really??? So, you honestly don't know anything about vehicles. You just name something and tell the customer it's broken, charge them hundreds of dollars and never fix what the problem really is! I've been a customer of Tires Plus for a while but, I will never ever go to this company again!! I think your employees need to go through mechanics school again and learn the parts of a car! I truly disappointed and will be sure to inform people I know to never use Tires Plus again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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I am from the corporate office of Tires Plus.

Can you send me an email at so I can get some additional information about what happened?

I'd like to get involved.



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