My Daughter went into your store 3/16/08, at 7807 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne Fl, 32940-7926, Her complaint was her "brakes" were not working properly.

They ended up replacing Tie rods and other Steering parts, and inspected her brakes, a few days later she went to Fort Lauderdale, upon returning to Melbourne, her brakes went out completely. This could have resulted in a serious accident. She had too go too another brake repair facility place where they replaced her calibers and brake pads. Why didn't Tires plus catch these defect during there inspection?

She could have been killed on the road!!! What if anything are you going too do about the $783.14 bill paid to tire plus if anything Please advise ASAP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $783.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #737267
congratulations you are the 269th complaint on this sight , and you seem to be the only with any real substance. Grace and blessing is the reward your daughter has encountered , because in the real world you are right, she could have been killed , along with others that travel our highways , fortunately for you and her she wasn't , now lets see if we can find exactly where this went wrong.

was it the service writer, or the service Manager, or the Tech , or the customers option to decline recommended repairs. in a perfect world a Technician would be allowed to replace any part he deemed unfit for service without argument or question. Property Damage or personal injury is the first order of business, was there any of these two? No , Then allow Tiresplus to beg your forgiveness, and try to make amends , if none of this is extended to you , then a clear and present message is before you.

The choice becomes yours, "Tiresplus , you are the weakest link"! :grin

I have been going to tires plus on 192 in melbourne fl for years (like an ***). At first,i had a 96 jimmy that I put thousands of wasted money into for unnecessary work.

I finally bought a 99 grand prix that needed some work done to it. Well, they not only overcharged me, they also blew my engine. This is just an overall picture.

I would be here all day if I got into the details. Don't go here is all I have to say...


That's hilarious. Sounds like incompetence.

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