1354 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935, USA
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I was defrauded at the store at 1354 N. Wickham Road Melbourne Florida.

At first I took my car into the Indian Harbour Beach location where they gave me a $93 estimate to replace a relay switch in my AC unit because my AC was intermittently going from cold to warm. I ended up going to the store closer to my home in Melbourne where they charged me $293 for a dye test, and recharging my refrigerant which I didn't need.

After the service was done I contacted the Indian Harbour Beach location to ask them if they checked to see if I needed that service and they said they did check that first and foremost and that I needed to file a complaint because I was ripped off at the Melbourne location.

(Anytime I've gotten ac service from any car service, they always check the refrigerant first so I was skeptical from the beginning). I filed a complaint with the corporate office and I'm waiting to hear back.

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Consumer A

Hello, we are truly sorry to hear about the negative experience that you had at our Melbourne, FL location. We can only imagine your frustration and we would like the opportunity to get this matter addressed by our upper management team.

Will you please email us at socialcare@bfrc.com with your contact information, a link to this review, and any invoice numbers related to this visit?

We value your business with Tires Plus and we look forward to your response. ^Katrina

Consumer A

We are truly sorry to hear of this issue regarding a recent A/C service. We would be happy to look into this on your behalf.

Please, email us at, socialcare@bfrc.com, with full details, your contact information, and your invoice number. Thank you for choosing Tires Plus, we value your business.^Kristyn

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