I took my vehicle to the Tires Plus to have a ruptured brake line replaced.

I was told the repair would consist of replacing a brake hose over the rear axel and all of the brake lines from the ABS unit to the rear wheels of vehicle. I specifically stated (3 times) that I wanted them to use nickel copper alloy brake lines so they would not rust like the previous brake lines. They agreed to use them but told me it would cost more. I authorized the repair based on the estimate of $736.00.

I received a call from Tires Plus stating that the work completed did not correct the issue and it would cost over $2,400.00 to repair. I refused the offer to fix it based on that price and picked up the vehicle later that day. I was charged $517.88.00 for the parts and labor that did not correct the problem.

I questioned what was done when I picked up the vehicle. I was told by the store manager that the brake hose over the rear axel and all of the brake lines from the ABS unit to both rear wheels were replaced with the nickel copper alloy lines that I requested but now the front brake lines were leaking.

After getting it home, I inspected the repairs completed by Tires Plus and that’s when I started to get pissed!!!

The brake line that was ruptured prior to taking it in to Tires Plus was never touched and it was still leaking severely. The only items that were replaced were the brake hose over rear axel and about 2 feet of brake line from the rear driver’s side wheel to the brake hose connection on the driver’s side of the rear axel. They used steel brake line which I specifically said I did not want. The line going from the ABS unit to the rear axel and the line going from the brake hose to the passenger side rear wheel were still original. Tires Plus never replaced them. To top that, the 2 foot section of brake line that they did replace was poorly done and leaking at one of the fittings. The old fittings were reused and the line was angled at the one fitting connection.

I was charged for the following:

$64.99 for a brake hose – “Ok”

$9.99 vehicle inspection – “I didn’t ask for this to be done”

$20.99 brake fluid exchange

$60.00 brake fluid exchange labor – “there was no brake fluid in the front half of vehicle”

$12.60 shop supplies – “what is this for?”

$150.00 labor to replace brake lines – “excessive for the amount of work completed”

$169.99 Steel brake lines and fittings – “Nickel copper alloy line were not used; original brake line fittings were re-used.

2ft of steel brake line $169.99???”

I spoke with service manager on the phone and I agreed to pay for the services that were actually completed and done correctly. We mutually agreed that I would pay $148.38; parts and labor for installing the brake hose.

I met with the service manager and then the store manager to get a refund on my credit card. The service manager was apologetic and said that he was out of the store while my vehicle was being serviced and wasn’t sure what happen. The store manager made no apologies and then tried to charge me more that what was agreed upon between me and the service manager. I refused to pay anything more that what was agreed upon. The store manager then told me he would give me a complete refund and asked me to take my business elsewhere. I said fine and left the store disgusted with the whole experience.

I had been using Tires Plus to service 4 of my own vehicles and two family member vehicles for the past several years but never again!!!

By the way, my new mechanic is doing the work that should have been done for under $500.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Repair.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #731644
Once bitten twice shy. I don't even think the parts counter knows what material their product is made of unless you ask them to look and even then "they don't pay me enough to do that " is usually the answer I get.

for that you should have walked them through the hole event, for special needs you have to be a special partner.If that service Manager was out of the building it's because he wanted to be , because he didn't know what you wanted , and the Manager did what he knows best. Build it , bill it,and become it ...

and that's where *** comes from ...son!! :p

If you want your money back you will need to call the corporate offices, thats what this company hates most and thats the district manager will try and prevent. Most of the guys at that store are rip offs along with countless other stores. Tires plus just doesnt pay for top of the line techs

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