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On Sunday Dec 18th I called Tires Plus when my car statrted to overheat supposedly. I explained to the tech COACH that there was smoke coming out of vents inside the car.

I then told him my temp gage was showing the arrow pointing to HOt. After I had the car towed in, the car was left to be diagnosed. I then received a call from the tech (COACH) that the car needed a new water pump and the car was leaking antifreeze and water. He explained what he came up with and admitted that the car did smell of Antifreeze.

When the car was done I paid for the bill and left. The next day the car temp gage still was acting weirdly and the arrow was still pointing to the H position. I brought the car back in at approx 530 the next day and told them the problem. They told me that the car didn't have enough Antifreeze and they came up that there was an airpocket in the car.

The tech then was trying to take care of the airpocket by refilling the car with more antifreeze and water. This process continued for approx 1/2 hour and the tech mentioned once again that the car did smell like antifreeze to some degree. He said he cleaned up the leak and I should be fine now. The next day or two the same problem happened again and I brought in that Wed to another Tires Plus on Us Hwy 19 in New Port Richey to get a second opinion.

The tech there named Brad told me he noticed an air pocket as well and took care of it supposedly and I should be fine now. It took several days for this problem to get worse over time and in the end my car didn't need a water pump but a heating coil that eventually almost burned my car to crisp.

Monetary Loss: $540.

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yes, they are the worse! took my car in for a $99 brake job that turned into a $400 job from another vendor! Pissed!


Now you know why no one should ever take a car with any kind of problem other than tires to a Tires Plus store. They may know tires, but what makes anyone think they have qualified mechanics working there? Lesson learned, I hope.

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