So, I have been employed here for 2 years now and it's ***. I bust my *** everyday for a store manager who has NEVER worked on a car in his entire life.

He is a complete by the book/rules kind of guy. His end of year bonus at the end of the year was *** near 70,000 dollars, on top of the salary he gets and weekly and monthly bonus's this knob gets. This guy couldn't fix a flat tire to save his life. He treats his employees like morons.

75% of the employees at my store are ASE certified and do nothing but a good job, or at least try to do a good job. If there is a comeback we fix it immediately. The manager tries to micro-manage the shop and delegate and he sucks at it!!! He stresses all of us out with his stupidity.

"Grab this ticket it's a waiter, but hold im gonna pull you off it to do this ticket because I'm making promises without any information from the back, because I'm a ***. They start tire guys at 8 bucks an hour and work them like slaves. Now, he doesn't pay the techs any better. The best tech in my store...the L1 tech, gets paid 11 bucks an hour plus 8% commission.

Every week I bring home 350, and thats putting in 48 hours a week. It's ***. They make all this money off of the customers they rip off. I know a business has to make money but, when a 59 dollar alternator is put into the system, turning it into 200 dollars...that is absolutely ridiculous.

They make all this money and strive for loyal customers and yet the work, that the company makes their money from, is done by guys who have been doing this for years and know the right way to do these things, and love doing it but do still need to provide for their families, they pay like ***. Based off their blood and sweat, busted knuckles, etc, they don't give a ***. Trying to keep payroll down so his bottom line is nice and plump, refusing to buy equipment we need because of his bonus...it may suffer. How big does your house gotta be???

They have a great benefits program, but you don't make enough money to pay into it.

I don't want to be at a desk...i like getting dirty and doing what I'm doing because it's a skill that will always be needed, however with these corporate bastards following the steps of wallstreet and big government, nobody can get a head. I'm currently searching for better employment elsewhere along with 80% of the other guys, then on black friday, we're walking out...*** em!!!

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One of the Most frustrating factors in the formula, is, how to get The Service Manager to leave the Tire business and pay attention to the service business? When the service writer puts a ticket up Tires are unilaterally considered for priority, service manager has a piece of the bottom line.

but he has a guaranty on the tire bottom line , not like carrying a liability on a service ticket , so He or She has a tendency to sway towards Tire service over repair service. This puts a major bind on service technicians income level. another job with a service Manager that wants to make money would be a good choice. but petitioning the current service manager would be a first choice .

When that failed a new horizon awaits us all. ,)
Reno, Nevada, United States #731636
You Nailed it. The name of the game is profit, you take relatively simple item,supply.

wait for it's demand, that is someone that needs it. apply the formula for cost of operation, multiply it by 2.5, factor in Labor @ current acceptable rate $ per hr.Pay the tech for his or her 8 % and applicable time multiply it by 8 to 10 hrs in the day at the end of the month pay the due ,Whatever is left belongs to you. Let Payroll make up a couple of rules split the pay in to benefits the Techs will never see.

deduct a couple of taxes and presto "Profit" We are all on treadmills for the Rich, thats the design if you don't like it design your own, but you will never be rich enough. :x ~~if you can't love the one you want~~love the one your with~~

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