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I went to Tires Plus in Royal Palm Beach, Fl last week to get 2 loose tires mounted and balanced. They charged me for 2 tire disposals and new valve stems.

I only had 1 tire to *** and my same valve stems were in the wheels and caps missing. I didn't think about checking my receipt until today when I went in to get 2 tires balanced on the same truck and check the alignment. When they were finished I asked how the alignment was and they said I didn't ask for them to check. When earlier I asked about it they said they check all the vehicles.

The sales guy got real defensive. They also rebalanced the tires I had balanced the week before I only wanted the fronts done and new valve stems that I still didn't get.They said my rears were wearing funny after only 4 miles. Hard to believe after all the extra charges. I usually get over 50000 miles with even tread wear on this vehicle.

I learned my lesson and will never go back there again. I am just one customer I can't imagine how much they steal off of unsuspecting customers daily.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #747291
TV service, on a Tv customer with Tv results, c'mon really , old valve stems ,rebalance , rebalance , rebalance , so nothing wrong with vehicle ,rebalance, the tires are not wearing funny they just look funny when they just get mounted , they appear as if the outer edges are wearing , they just contour the wheel optical illusion, a treadwear gage would reveal this.So these guys are rookies trying to look pro. If that service writer didn't have his head in the clouds he could have made sure those valve stems were replaced although high pressure , or short or long stems may have been a requirement, Maybe they were rebuildable stems? details details , yaknow?
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You need to write an intelligent letter of complaint to the corporate office and include the names of agencies you plan to write if they don't make good. Visit the book sold there not only tells you where to write but has sample letters that work.

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