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I had an alignment done at this store twice now. The first time I had it done, I had to take it back again because the vehicle was pulling to one side and would not track straight AFTER the alignment.

They looked at it and told me I needed an adjustable ball joint and provided me with a $600 or $800 quote. I can't remember the exact amount, anyway... I declined (I am no fool when it comes to vehicle maintenance. I take my vehicle in because I do not want to do the work, not because I can't).

I then took my vehicle to Les Schwab and they had me all straightened out in about an hour, without any additional parts. I thought I would give them a second chance, maybe it was a fluke! I again had them do an alignment on my vehicle. The result was exactly the same, car pulled to one side and did not track straight.

I took it back immediately and they looked at it but could not find anything wrong with their work. I will be taking it to another shop to check their work, again.

I will update my post if they were correct, but I suspect they will be wrong, again, so I would not bank on any updates.

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We apologize about the negative service experience when getting an alignment done at one of our locations. We would like to look into this further if you could please email us at SocialCare@bfrc.com with further details, invoice number (if available), and the best contact number you can be reached at it would be greatly appreciated.

We value your feedback and business as a Tires Plus customer. We hope to hear back from you soon and hope you have a great day!

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