My wife just got charged 118.00 For windshield wipers !!!!!! Oh yeah they havent heard the end of this one.

The kid behind the counter (later that day) could only tell me that a clip was changed on the wipers in 2010 on chevy's. Ok so now Im not pissed about the wipers I am pissed because the kid I'm talking to is a ***. And the manager wasnt able to formulate any words or process the situation to even tell me how much or where he got the wipers at.

WOW Called and emailed Corp office in Fl. No bets about getting a phone call back.

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I went to this store in Jan 2011 with two rotors in hand to be turned. They told me it would be $75, I can buy new ones for that.

I declined and went elsewhere and had them turned for $16 which is about right! I will not ever go back there.


the wipers on new gm trucks are very expensive and i believe only one manufacturer makes them, $80 to $90 sound about right, and no you cant convert them to a cheaper blade as of yet. im guessing there was an LOF added to this ticket also.


Are you people really this *** lazy? A brain dead chimp could change wiper blades. :grin :grin

BSRO Social

Thanks for letting us know about your experience. I'm with Tires Plus corporate office and would like to help.

Please send me a note at social@bfrc.com so I can get a little more information.


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