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I was tire shopping on a budget. I spoke to the man at tires plus the week of may 18. I saw the falken 950 on sale for 72.00 and buy 3 get 1 free. I asked how much it would be for the tires and install. I had to know how much so to be able to know if I had enough. So the man broke it down for me. 216 for the tires plus install 16.99 per tirex4 plus tax. I had the tires put on, and wiper and oil change. But on tne invoice, they charged me 72.00 x4. They said thats how it was done. Well, it sure wasnt said to me like that, or I would not have bought those tires. If the discount per say, then it should be explained. The tires were in sale, 72.00. And they were buy 3 get 1 free. Black and white. They claim the tires are 96.00 and they discount to the 72.00 making it buy 3 get 1 free. Well, he didnt say that to me. So, because of that, I have 20.00 to last me an entire week.

the service was good, except they said I would either be given a ride back to work and picked up, or tneyd have it done in the 2 hours I could wait. I did loose an hour of work because i could not get a ride and they didnt get done in time. So, I did get docked an hour at work.

As of now, ive asked for a refund of 72.00 plus tax, but doubt I will get it.

I think its a shame they place an ad for a tire sale and then refuse to honor it.

Shame on tires plus for taking advantage of a senior. For not explaining, and for giving me one price and charging me another.

Word of warning, do not go to this store unless you grt everything clear, even if you think its clear. Even if one employee gives you a price, double check, because another gives you a different price.

It may not seem like alot of money, but my bill was 425, and it hurt.

They extra 72.00 plus tax hurt. I should have been given the chance to buy the cheaper tires, by being given the right price in the beginning. Shame on palm valley tires plus.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Rachelmcc stated that there is a room for improvement of failed to honor ad for tires. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of tires plus oil change and associated monetary loss in the amount of $76. Tires Plus needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Hello Rachelmcc, we would like to apologize you had such an upsetting experience purchasing tires from our store. We would like to get this addressed.

Please reach out to us at Include details about your visit and any invoice numbers if you have them.

We would be more than glad to help you get this looked into. We hope to hear from you soon!

to BSRO Social #987631

If this is the way it works then first i should not have be told one price and charged another, but in any event, just in case someone like me doesnt know, it should have been explained. Not everyone drives a fancy new car.

Some of us are working people trying to get to work. I would sure hate to think I was taken advantage of because of my age. I couldnt afford 72 a tire for a wreck of a car im trying to keep running till i can do better. Thats no sale.

You put the tires on sale, and offer buy 3 get 1 free and the say theyre not 72 but 90 something. Someone must be used to working at pep boys, i thought tires plus was better then that. Thank you guy that gave me honest price, shame on guy who didnt. Well, he said the manager wouldnt do anything, so i called the head office.

Look up the invoice. They have my name as curtain, why I dont know. 2001 sebring. Tires, oil change and wipers.

The shame is, my car needs more work,and i would of been back. Older ladies beware. Or if youre poor. 425 was nearly my whole check.

Thats why i was asking prices to see if i could get tires to keep going to work.

If im wrong or right, no matter now.

But it should have been made clear. I would have gone to tire kingdom instead.

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