I bought a life time alignment a few months back from tires plus in sparks which was nice when I bought it.

Now that I have already paid they don't want to do it anymore.

I took it in to the galleria store and the *** head said he couldn't do it because it had 20" wheels on it which is bull *** because they have done it befor. Then today I took it to the south virgina store and set an appointment for ten.

As soon as they saw it was a life time it was a three hour wait and the shop was empty it had 3 cars in a 8 or mor bay shop. The customers who buy life time things fror there car get pushed aside and treated like ***!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #728695

As crappy as the details get , the bare facts are boring , so lets just say for the sake of posterity , Slow moving employees.The longer they take the better the inspection results are , Every vehicle is broken , somewhere somehow, even Brand spanking new vehicles come out with bulletins and recalls. so lets consider that for a moment , we get in more trouble for too little than we do for too much.

Time is Money , If a technician spends 3 hours of shop time to do a 15 minute inspection , the shop has a $300. investment in your vehicle. 9 bays at $100. per hour , the rent is at 10 hour days $9,000.

So it's not in the best interest of the Company to let a Vehicle sit.Some of these hot shot service people are not getting that in their head.get it in get it checked and get it on it's way. everybody happy , there are a few guys that just seem to milk the day along. Many times a lunch falls in the middle or an emergency, or just some other business, If you are concerned about your vehicle and you want to make it safe and reliable . relax , take real world over fantasy .

If it's broke and they can show you , fix it. if there is the shadow of a doubt , be it your lack of knowledge or a speculation on the part of the Technician , and even the over zealous sales person that hasn't a clue whats wrong but wants to write you up and charge you. just keep it real , Show me , second opinions, let it sit for a night, talk it over . but don't work with half truths.

most vehicles weigh between 3,000 and 4,000 lbs. Getting them rolling and stopping them takes fulcrums , levers , and pressure any compromise places you closer in an accident.

Mont Albert North, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #710777

The initial store owes you an explanation on how it is now not alignable, even though allegedly nothing has changed.

The second store doesn't owe you anything. If it is a three hour wait, wait!


Im an Ex-Employee of tires plus and what he says is true. Most time the management advises the employees to just set it up on the rack ,let it sit there a few minutes then back it out, without actually setting anything.I eventually quit the company because of this dishonesty coming from Store managers ADM's and DM's.

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