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The first alignment is alright w/the price is $70 w/ tax.

And today, I came back to do the warranty alightment.

I was sitting there the whole time watching the mechanic(Spanish) see how is repair my car.

All he did is put on the alignment table, calibrate the wheel, move the car back & forward. That's all.

After that, he printed out a made up data alignment & give the manager to give to me.

The before & after toes, caster for the front & back are the same.

How is that possible. He said he did the alignment. I test drive and still the same problem, still steering to the right when I let go the steering wheel.

This is a whole liar, b.s people.

Don't come to tire plus again!!!!

Review about: Tires Plus Repair.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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alignment has to do with angles of the vehicle. what kind of vehicle do you have?

If the alignment is perfect as per the manufacture that they gave you a pull to the right can be caused by a bad tire. have them rotated to see if the problem goes away.


To Marketing, to whom are you speaking about contacting. Were you referring to ME to contact you?

I have bought a rim and have had it mounted already, I still have the damaged rim, if you or someone else would like to look at it. The local shop(Brunswick) does not have a good reputation with other shops around town. I have found out that infact bent rims can be caused by the installers using impact tools and torque wrenches, that its common. Another fact I found out around town in talking with 4 to 5 other shopes is that when Tires Plus told me that my brake fluid was comtaminated is another BS story.

The shops that I talked with told me they get previous Tires Plus customers in every day making similar complaints about their inspections and money hungry attitudes. I also found out thru another web site, the manufaturers of my tires that my tires are best fitted to passenger cars and not trucks. When I informed Brunswick Tires Plus of this information, they calmly informed me the tires will work fine on my Ranger p/u.

I offered to pay an additional @20.00 per tire on top of what I already paid in January for the Primewell tires to have them taken back and new tires put on. Of course the Tires Plus(in Brunswick) refussed my offer.


I went into Tires Plus in Brunswick in Jan. to purchase tires.

I told them I only wanted tires, nothing else, that I was aware of what else was wrong or needed attention. Once they got my truck on the racks, they proceded to inspect my truck against my wishes. They listed what needed attention against my request. About 2 weeks after that I noticed a vibration.

I thought it was just the bad roads here in Brunswick. I took it back in after the vibration got worse. They did a front end alignment. Again I told them all I want is a front end alignment, nothing else.

They took it upon themselves to inspect my whole vehicle, and again listed other problems, which I was aware. I left the business and on my way home noticed the vibration was still there, and made an appt. for the next day to have them inspect it again. After 3 test drives by them and 3 hrs of sitting there waiting, they decided that a rim was bent.

After hrs of debating who bent the rim and much to do about nothing, they said I needed a brake job, a price was quoted of $200.05. I went to lunch and called them 45 minutes later to only get an inflated price of $78.00 plus dollars for bad brake fluid, caliber replacement of almost $200.00 resulting in a brake job of almost $500.00. When I left there they quoted me $200.05, but it changed once I left. They offerd to install one caliber at no cost, and even offered to give me a tail light bulb for my wifes car to let them do the brake job.

The bent rim, I insisted was their fault, they disagreed 100%. I informed them that I am the only driver of this vehicle, and the only other person(s) whom have driven it was them. I know I have not hit anything like a pot hole or curb with my truck, their was no evidence on my tire or rim of me hitting anything either. After talking with other mechanics, busineesses in Brunswick, I was informed that the rim could have been *** eyed on installation by Tires Plus, after all they use impact tools to tighten bolts and its common that this may happen.

Anway , I instructed Tires Plus to put my truck back together, do no more work or inspections of my vehicle, and let me the *** out of there. I have dealt with Tires Plus for many years in Florida, and Georgia, and this one in Brunswick seems to be so into themselves that They think they make no mistakes, do no wrong, and seem to think they are doing me a favor, that I will never, never in this life time use them again. They lied in their quote, they do work I did not agree too, do inspections I did not agree too, and then inflate the price after you leave. Plus(this is the Plus part of their name) Throw BS in there, try to make the customer feel like a fool, idot, and inflate their own heads with their self serving EGO of they can do no wrong, and the customer only lies to them.

Cusomter beaware. Just because they have your vehicle up on the racks, torn apart does not mean they have you by the balls. Do not allow them to do inspections you do not agree too. Watch them, and stop them from doing inspections you do not agree to.

And insist they stop their inspection. They tend to try to hold you over a barrel, with your vehicle torn apart, and hours of sitting and waiting to get back your vehicle.


I totally agree with the this person. I went for a simple oil change and because I did not agree to change my belts something was done to make my check engine light come on.

I will never go to this rip off location ever again. they will rip you off.

I use to be a loyal customer until the name manager Enrique came and started to rip the community off. That is all they care about is how to take your money and leave you coming back so that they can take more.

magneto x7

I need someone to remove this post.

After I contacted the corporate office, they & the store manager agree to refund my money...for customer satisfaction...


Thanks for alerting us. We've been trying to reach you this morning and we’d like the opportunity to make things right!

Kindly call the store at 678-421-0382

or our customer service department at 1-800-440-4167 so we can help. Thank you!

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