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I had a Saturday noon appointment at the Tires Plus located at 7601 W 119th St, South Overland Park KS 66213 for new tires and belts. I was told the wait would be 1 1/2 - 2 hours so I decided to wait. At 2pm I was told a part was needed (in addition to the tires and belts) and I agreed to the additional part and labor. MISTAKE! By 4pm I asked how much longer my car would be and I was told that they did not have the part and needed the part to be brought to the store. I was then told the wrong part had been brought twice already and they were waiting for a third time. They asked if anyone had told me about the delays and NO they had not. I would not have sat in the store the entire day had I known some serious delays were going on. I finally was able to leave after 4:30. Close to $800 less in my pocket and an entire Saturday nearly wasted I will never return to a Tires Plus. No discount given, just a "sorry." NOT good enough!!!

BOO on Tires Plus!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tires Plus Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I had a similar story from this shop. Had an appt to get 4 tires installed.

Dropped car off at 330ish pm. they closed at 8pm. 725 pm i called up to see what the hold up was. after a very long time on hold i am told that "the wrong size tire was delivered that morning" I had made this appointment a week earlier so that i would not miss work.

Plus the size of tire that they said they got isn't even made. They guy on the phone that night didn't sound all that comfortable talking to me. So i drive up to see it up on the rack.

The next morning the truck is finally done around 1045 in the morning and the manager gives me the weirdest look like "wtf dude kinda look" when i tell him how utterly displeased i am for missing work for this debacle. So my question to them is, what did you break and cover up???


Seems a little odd that wrong parts are delivered "all the time" but whatever, no matter what happens the customer should be made aware of any delays. The lack of communication was the real problem in this scenario.


Getting wrong parts delivered happens all the time to all shops. Good luck finding a shop in which this never happens.

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