I had taken my car to Tires Plus for alignment. When it was done, I asked for a report and they didn't provide one claiming their printer was choked.

When I drove my car back, the alignment was still off. So I took my car back to them within 5 minutes. This time, they did not do anything and only provided me with the report (all of a sudden, their printer started working). The same thing happened few months back with my other car, but at that time, they at least fixed the alignment.

I have the 3-year policy, but I guess they don't perform any alignment when you purchase the policy. If you pay for it everytime, they would do it.

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@ "Same Happened to Me": You said "both tie rod nuts were not even hand tight. Avoid this dangerous rip off place at all cost." I JUST had two rear tires put on my car a few days ago and "aligned".

I heard noises immediately, but since they closed on me, I decided to wait until Monday (yesterday) to go back. Too late...Now, my rear axel is split in two, my left tire canted outward. I almost died and I have an imobile vehicle. I am also a U.S.

Marine and current Pre-Law student...I am upset and doing my homework before I push forward on this issue. I'm sorry for both of our situations and let's hope for the sake of Tires Plus that they have a spectacular attorney.


Why in the world does your company have an account with those Tires Plus thieves? Your work truck will end up with some serious damage if you keep taking it to those devious scumbags.

They're not real mechanics for one thing, and they've ruined many vehicles due to their incompetence. And when they're not screwing up cars, they're always scamming people with unneeded repairs and not even doing what they're charging the customers for, as you know.

They've got to be the most crooked, criminal outfit out there right now. And with all the other rip-off shops out there, that's saying a lot.


I was waiting in the lounge while getting tires and an alignment for my truck. They put the tires on and pulled it out front.

I watched the whole time and knew it never went on the alignment rack. When I was presented with the bill I asked how off the alignment was and was told "pretty bad". When asked how he knew since it never was checked he backtracked and said he had it confused with another vehicle ( only pickup in shop ). Of course I was being charged for it on the bill.Then it was pulled back in and aligned .

Sort of. 3 months latter when replacing the tires again at another shop I was shown that both tie rod nuts were not even hand tight. Avoid this dangerous rip off place at all cost. BTW , this is not my 1st problem with this shop by any means.

Just the latest. Oh , and before you ask why I keep going back its a work truck and the company has an account with them.


jack *** whiner


jack *** whiner


Thanks for alerting us. We’d like the opportunity to make things right!

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