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I am really disappointed in Tires Plus. I went to them because they had a good price on tires and the price to get my brakes fixed was more reasonable then two other quotes I acquired.

I also asked them to do a tune-up and a fuel injector cleaning since I drive alot and my car had 100,000 miles on it and it was due. I felt confident that they were doing right by me and I even tipped the mechanic $40 because he worked on my car for 5 hours. So I drove my car home confident that my car would run like new, but them my traction control light wouldn't turn off, and when I called they told me to bring the car back and then suddenly light went out, thought that was odd. I parked my car and then a half hour later went to go to the store and my CAR WOULDN'T START!!!

I called them immediately, the "Salesman" said he would come to my house and see if he could figure out what was wrong and made a statement that it could be the STARTER...really? First off he is not certified to touch my car and when he came out he attempted to hook up a battery charger to my battery but couldn't figure out how to work it my 14 year old had to show him how to work it, then he kept saying I think its your starter...but since that has nothing to do with the work we have done today you will have to pay for a new starter!! Funny I had no problems with my starter until I went to them, my other son came over and checked the starter and wouldn't you know, the STARTER WIRES WERE LOOSE!!! I am sorry but seems a bit shady to me, and I will take my car to a reputable mechanic shop and have this documented.

Another thing that was damaged was my overflow tube that allows overflow of oil from the engine, wasnt attached. I am really disappointed in my experience and will never go back to Tires Plus!

Monetary Loss: $174.

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Oh Boy..... What a shady deal you have going Jennifer


The price for tires was included in the total cost, do you think I paid too much? I had my son replace my starter and when I went back to Tires Plus a mechanic came right out to me and fixed the hose that had been broken that came from my engine and they did not charge me. Your absolutely right when a customer pays this much money double checking everything would have been the right thing to do.


sorry for the spelling erorrs, fat fingers 35 years as a Mechanic makes for poor typing skills.


does the price you paid include Tire? because half the problem may be half the Price.

starter wires just don't get loose I agree with you on this. someone at some time must have loosend them. battery chargers are specific about operation I am the first person that would ask anyone who has used a particular piece of apparatus to please demonstrate it's operation before I engage in something that may cause more damage than it fixes. traction control light may have been aggravated by the loose connection.

patience is a virtue. the vehaicle comes from the manufacturer with a maintenance manual follow the schedules or the consequences for deffered maintenance programs can be very costly.

speakng in your defense the technician should have test drove and operational checked all of the items in our courtesy checks and repair verifications. poor sales response from the service manager, better said "if this is in our fault we will take resposnibility"


Thanks for alerting us. We’d very much like the opportunity to make things right!

Kindly call 1-800-440-4167 so we can help. Thank you!

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